Terms and Conditions

1. Registration and registration fee

In order to confirm your placement and complete the registration process a non-refundable US$ 50 registration fee must be paid. Once paid, there are no refunds given for the registration fee, for any reason or occurrence. If we are unable to confirm your placement, the application fee will be returned in full.
The US$50 registration fee is not a part of the total program price.

2. Program payment

Program payment must be received in full, at least three weeks (21 days) before the first day of classes or accommodation, whichever comes first. Program payments can be made via PayPal or Bank wire. Baplacement reserves the right to cancel any program that hasn’t been fully paid at least 14 days before the scheduled start date. Baplacement does not accept travelers checks or personal checks.

  • - Bank Wire Transfer (direct deposit or money wire transfer). Please include an additional 35 USD for bank transaction fees
  • - PayPal to Baplacement with a 3,5% surcharge.
  • - Cash Payment: In exceptional cases, cash payments are accepted at our local office, and are made for last minute registration.

3. Deadline for Application:

The deadline for application is 30 days before the program begins.
Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

4. Arrival and departure

Participants must notify Baplacement of their scheduled arrival and must also submit an electronic copy of their itinerary by email in order to confirm their arrival and airport pickup. Any changes in arrival or departure must be immediately reported to Baplacement staff in order to avoid complications upon arrival or departure. Participants should inquire about acceptable dates for arrival or departure in order to avoid extra charges for overstay. Participants are able to begin their accommodation one or two days before their courses or work placements begin and must leave their accommodation the day after their course or placement ends.

5. Changes

Each and all changes to any Baplacement program will incur a non-refundable change fee of US$ 100 plus any difference in price of the new housing, class or placement. Changes in housing will only be approved if Baplacement coordinators are unable to resolve a concern regarding the housing placement. Each concern regarding housing must be immediately reported to the coordinator in order to make the corresponding change in housing. Each change in housing has a cost of US$ 100 for the change fee plus the difference in cost of the new housing choice. Housing providers have the right to ask for the removal of the student they are housing.

6. Cell phone

Baplacement will lend the participant a cell phone for a deposit of US$50. This deposit will not be refunded in the case that the cell phone is damaged or lost before its return. Before departure, the participant must contact Baplacement staff in order to schedule the return of the cell phone, all of the accessories, and the box, in order to receive the full refund.

7. Participant behavior

Participants are expected to follow the laws of Argentina and the rules of their accommodation, school and/or work placement. Failure to do so will result in termination of the program, without refund.

8. Termination of program

Baplacement reserves the right to terminate the program of any participant, at any time, for any reason. If termination is made necessary, Baplacement will provide written reasoning for termination and will refund the remaining value of the participant’s program. No refund will be given for programs terminated for breach of program rules or local laws. Baplacement also reserves the right to remove students from their accommodation, should the necessity arise.

9. Refund policy

If a participant wishes to withdraw program or service for ‘whatever reason' he/she will be refunded all recoverable costs. A withdrawal fee of 20% of the total program cost will be charged.

If a participant wishes to withdraw or not take part in the whole program, a program element or service after the commencement date for ‘whatever reason' he/she will NOT be eligible for ANY Refund.

10. Liability

Baplacement expressly states that it functions only as an intermediary between the travelers and the people and entities that provide them services, having carried out the present operation in name, in part and by order of the service provider. Baplacement is not responsible for any occurrences to the participant or personal belongings of the participant during their program or stay in Argentina. By paying the registration fee and signing the Terms and Conditions agreement form, you are assuming all risks and agreeing to indemnify and hold Baplacement and its employees harmless of any and all liability that may arise in Baplacement ́s programs. This includes: accidents, injury, sickness, property damage, acts of nature, crimes, and terrorism.

* By paying the registration fee and/or by signing the terms and conditions agreement upon arrival, you agree to all the proceeding terms and their subsequent consequences and relieve Baplacement from any legal responsibility.

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