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TEFL International Diploma

Our  TEFL Certification Program provides training for aspiring English teachers, and even helps with local job placement.
Buenos Aires is the perfect location to study Spanish and to experience a foreign culture.  Often called the Paris of the South, Baplacement’s students always have an amazing time getting to know the city’s hot-spots, and practicing their new Spanish skills over coffee or some fine Argentinean wine.

Why choose Baplacement to take a TEFL TESOL Certification Course?

We are one of the leading language and teacher training schools in Buenos Aires with a commitment to providing quality teacher training based on best practice in language teaching.
As a respected training institution, we provide our trainees with creative materials and an exclusive TEFL coursebook written by our Academic Director which aligns perfectly with our TEFL curriculum.
TEFL TESOL Certification provides flexibility for you to travel anywhere in the world and teach English as a second or foreign language.Being a certified teacher makes an impact when you are applying for jobs. 
Being able to choose to combine TEFL and Spanish, you will enjoy from an incredibly enriching personal, professional and cultural experience. You will get the necessary teaching confidence to adapt and overcome new challenging situations.

Why choose Baplacement over other schools?

  • Small classes – Group classes are limited to between three and nine students.
  • Quality instruction – Our school teachers are all native speakers and university certified as instructors of Spanish as a foreign language.
  • Competitive prices – Thanks to many years of experience, Baplacement is able to offer some of the lowest prices in the city for Spanish classes at an institution.
  • Location – Our school building is located in the heart of Buenos Aires, easily accessible from most every neighborhood.
  • Personalized attention – Full time administrative staff is equipped to address every educational need of the student.
  • Course materials – Our school benefits from its own self-published line of textbooks.
  • Diversity and acceptance– Students from every corner of the globe have spent time at and enjoyed their experience with Baplacement.
  • Extra programs and offerings – Baplacement has weekly activities and helps to set up volunteer experiences in the city.
  • International and national recognition– Numerous Argentine and international organizations recognize our school such as Lonely Planet and Time Out travel guides, Asociación de Centros de Idioma (SEA) and the Buenos Aires government.
  • Special courses of study– Students have the option of preparing for the DELE or CELU international examinations, studying area-specific vocabulary and Spanish teachers abroad can attend special training courses.

Earn your TEFL (TESOL) certificate with US and begin teaching English abroad!

BA Placement offers a variety of internships all year round and throughout most functional areas. You choose the field, and we provide you with a choice of placement.
The location is great and the staff is very friendly and helpful. The course was great! I feel

very well equipped and prepared for teaching English. A lot of useful learning tools were provided. The teacher was very organized, dynamic, motivating, entertaining. It´s obvious that he had a lot of experience, and he was a great inspiration. I enjoyed the teaching practices a lot. I´m definitely going to use my experience from these in my lesson plans in the future. I just loved the experience here.


Charlotte Knudsen, Denmark.


Recoleta - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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