Spanish School in Buenos Aires

Small classes, Group classes are limited to between three and eight students. Quality instruction, our teachers are all native speakers and university certified as instructors of Spanish as a foreign language. Competitive prices.

The BAP Spanish School is located in downtown of Buenos Aires easily accessible from most every neighborhood. Personalized attention, Full time administrative staff is equipped to address every educational need of the student

  • Courses start on Mondays for all levels.
  • Íbero Spanish School levels are divided into three week segments (60 hours for group instruction).
  • The entire Spanish program from Absolute Beginner to Superior lasts for a semester (24 weeks).
  • You can choose to study Spanish for anywhere from one to 24 weeks.
  • There is no extra registration fee.
  • Íbero courses are designed to focus on each student's learning needs; this is what sets us apart from other institutions.
  • We value every student and always offer specialized attention to each program.
  • We issue a diploma upon the completion of the Spanish course.

Spanish Group Lessons: 20 hours/week (morning or afternoon)

  • Morning classes: Monday through Friday 9.00am to 1.00pm with a 10.50am -11.10 am coffee break.
  • Afternoon classes: Monday through Friday 1.30 pm to 5.30pm with a 3.50 pm - 4.10 pm coffee break.

Description: This course offers 20 hours of lessons each week and is ideal for people who want to couple their studies with time spent seeing Buenos Aires. Lessons run for four hours a day, with a twenty minute break in the middle.

Spanish Group lessons are good for whom?

  • For those...
  • Wanting to share and meet new people..
  • Who are patient and understand it is not a private course.
  • Looking for discounts, low prices or long term benefits.
  • Who learn better from the perspective of others.
  • Applying for a semester program.
  • Choosing a special course.
  • Wanting to study Spanish more intensively.

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