Staying in a homestay is a great way to complement your internship.

This housing option is ideal for students who wish to immerse themselves in a cultural and linguistic experience. Living with an Argentine family will give you insight as to how Argentines live their daily lives and provide the daily contact with Argentine culture requisite to improving your Spanish language skills.

Homestays are located all across the city in safe residential neighbourhoods. Continental breakfast is provided daily. Students are also provided five meals per week that they will schedule with the family. Some homestays consist of a two-parent household, while some may be single or retired women whose children have grown up and moved out.

No matter what the configuration of the homestay, all enjoy having students live with them and sharing their culture. All families are welcoming and generous with their home, but participants should remember that they are guests and will be expected to adapt to the traditions and rules of their host family.

Student Residence

We have a number of student residence options. 

The several different sites that BAP has partnered with all have different characteristics. Students could be placed in either singles, doubles, triples, or quads. Depending on the building, students could be living with Argentines, or International students. In some residences, students could be sharing a room with other BAP students, and in others, students could be paired with an international or local student. Some residences have cafeterias on site. In all cases, students also have access to equipped common kitchens where they can prepare and store food. Student residences are located in downtown area.  This option is ideal for students who would like to live in a communal setting and have the chance to meet a variety of students from all over the world.

Shared Apartments

Shared Apartments (private room).

Apartment living in Buenos Aires is a wonderful way to experience the city while maintaining your sense of independence. This housing choice is for students who are interested in taking advantage of and maintaining a larger living space. Many students who have only lived in dormitories may find apartments appealing. They may want to experience the freedom and independence that comes with living in an apartment. However, with freedom comes responsibility. Students must shop and cook for themselves and deal with maintenance issues.

Ideally, you would choose this option if you have already lived in an apartment and are familiar with the responsibilities that come with living in an apartment, such as upkeep and cleaning.

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