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BA Placementoffers a wide variety of internship and volunteer work placements throughout Argentina. We tailor the program to your needs in order to match appropriate people with appropriate placement based on their field of interest.

We offer you the chance to gain practical international work experience that will definitely differentiate you from future competitors on the job market.

Our internships enhance cultural and business understanding, through the exchange of knowledge, the students provide real work assistance for the company while the company provides a hands-on reality of the business world in Argentina.

If you would like to go abroad, work in a different culture, and make a big step forward, then our internship program is the right choice for you!

Enhance your CV by gaining work experience on an internship abroad.

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BA Placement offers a variety of internships all year round and throughout most functional areas. You choose the field, and we provide you with a choice of placement.
BA Placement volunteer program is a wonderful way to learn about life in Argentina by submersing oneself in its culture and customs, learn its language [...]

Recoleta - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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